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World Gold Standard

World Gold StandardWorld Gold Standard





License to Use Assam Orthodox

License to Use Assam OrthodoxLicense to Use Assam Orthodox



License to Use Nilgiri Orthodox

License to Use Nilgiri OrthodoxLicense to Use Nilgiri Orthodox








TitleFile TypeFile Size
Guidelines for setting up of Mini Tea Factory under the provisions of Paragraph 3A of the Tea Marketing Control Order, 2003Acrobat Reader--
Pan India Post e-Auction System User Manual--
Revised Guidelines of recording change of ownership of Registered Tea GardenAcrobat Reader--
Format of Indemnity Bond in connection with recording change of ownership of Registered Tea GardenAcrobat Reader--
Circular on General Instructions for Handling CashAcrobat Reader--
Important provisions as laid down in the GFR-2005 regarding procurement of goods and services and execution of repair worksAcrobat Reader--
Revised Guidelines for Exporter's License, Renewal of Exporter's License, Permanent Exporter's LicenseAcrobat Reader--
Revised Guidelines in respect of Warehouse Licence/ Renewal of Warehouse LicenceAcrobat Reader--
Revised Guidelines for Registration as a Manufacturer of Tea with Added FlavourAcrobat Reader--
Plant Protection code for Indian Tea Industry.Acrobat Reader--
GFR, 2005Acrobat Reader--
New Guidelines for Registration as BuyerAcrobat Reader--
New Guidelines for Distributor LicenseAcrobat Reader--
New Guidelines for Grant of RCMCAcrobat Reader--
Guidelines for recording change of ownership of Registered Tea FactoryAcrobat Reader--
New Guidelines for registration of tea manufacturing units under the provisions of The Tea Marketing Control Order, 2003Acrobat Reader--
Guidelines and Instructions for issuance of NOC for use of land within the tea cultivation area for activities other than cultivation of teaAcrobat Reader--
Guidelines for Regn of manufacturing flavour teaAcrobat Reader--
Guidelines on e-trading/ e-auction of Tea WasteAcrobat Reader--
Guide lines for obtaining Buyer Regn along with FormAcrobat Reader--
Guidelines for Permission for Planting TeaAcrobat Reader--
Revised Guidelines for registration of Factory including BLFAcrobat Reader--
Foreign Trade Policy 2009-2014Acrobat Reader--
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